INTEGRA is an Employment Agency System for sales order management to improve business control and productivity. It is delivered as a SaaS – software as a service so that you can concentrate on your business while we take care of the IT.
INTEGRA is developed with the expertise contributed by Singapore’s leading EAs of different sizes. It incorporates best practices and yet flexible enough to suit varying requirements of EAs.INTEGRA is easy to use with wizards and online instructions to guide sales staff to achieve a high level of productivity quickly.

With Integra, EAs can integrate their business and grow
Search full-time maid agencies that subscribe to Ordixa service. Their maids' bio-data are available for searching in the Ordixa database.
Ordixa Pte Ltd (formerly Webtopmaker) announces INTEGRA ready for EA industry!

AEA(S), in collaboration with Webtopmaker Pte Ltd embarked on the EA Portal project in Sep 2009.
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